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International Joint Charism Commission Meeting 2017

The members of the International Joint Charism Commission are in meeting at the Generalate of the Society of the Divine Savior in Rome from July 10 – 15, 2017. To deepen the identity as Salvatorian Family is an important topic. To pray, reflect and consider various matters and to experience salvatorian collaboration is always enriching….


6th Steering Committee of the European Process

March 23-27, 2017, Rome The group of nine unit leaders of the European units is considering together with the Generalate adequate structures for Europe. The principle questions are: In which way can the closer collaboration be promoted among the units? How can we stress the mission focus ‘proclamation of faith?’ These and other questions are…


European Lay Leaders Meeting

European Lay Leaders in SDS Institutions Forty-eight lay leaders in our Salvatorian institutions of Europe and the Middle East met from May 5-8, 2016 in Rome for a sharing of experiences and ongoing formation (training). The theme of the conference was, “Growing into the model of Jesus as Salvatorian Leaders.” The topics included a sharing…