This mission was founded in 1994 by the Italian province. The sisters arrived there after the opening of the communism regime and started to meet the people in the Shköder region, North Albania. Today there are 2 communities and 6 sisters in Albania. Because this mission is part of the Italian Province, some of the sisters are Italians and others are Albanians. They are engaged ministries in the parishes of Rragan and Sheldí. They also work in a kindergarten. The young sisters are studying in the University but they also dedicate time to the formation of youth and women, vocation promotion, health assistance in a small ambulatory, training in handcrafts, formation of Salvatorian groups of laity and visiting families and sick people in their homes.



The first sisters started in Austria as early as 1899. At present there are 72 sisters belonging to the Austrian Province. The sisters are living in 12 communities, which are located in Vienna, Pitten, Kalwang, Linz, Graz, Payerbach and Mariazell. The Sisters are ministering in formation of children and adults; in pastoral work in parishes, with sick and elderly people; in City Pastoral for young adults; in social work for women and migrants; in health care; in care for old people; art work; Psychotherapy, counselling for groups and Spiritual Direction. S. Patricia Erber is the Provincial Superior.



The Belgium Province was founded in 1905 by sisters from Germany. At present there are 12 sisters in the Belgium Province. They live in 3 communities in Hasselt. The sisters are engaged in health care and health pastoral, in the care of the elderly and victims of Alzheimer’s disease, in youth pastoral and pastoral work for pilgrims. The Provincial Superior is S. Sonja Vaneygen.



The English Region was founded in 1930. There are 6 sisters living in 2 communities. The sisters are ministering in care for elderly people, in pastoral work in parishes and providing hospitality to Salvatorian sisters from various countries, who go to England for English Studies. The Regional Superior is S. Leenamary Joseph.


The first German Sisters lived in Rome due to the political situation in Germany. Only in 1916 were they permitted to start in Germany. Currently there are 90 sisters in the German Province. They live in 7 communities: Kerpen-Horrem, Bad Wurzach, Berlin, Mönchengladbach-Neuwerk, Passau, Stralsund, Steinfeld, and Warburg. The sisters are ministering to children in schools as teachers and in counselling and mediation. They are involved in healthcare with sick and elderly people, and they provide pastoral care, psychotherapy, and physical animation. Some sisters work with adults through spiritual direction, retreat and other holistic formation programs. S. Klara-Maria Breher is the Provincial Superior.



The first Salvatorian sisters arrived in Hungary in 1899. The Hungarian Province went through the communist area with much suffering and was restructured in 1989. Presently it is a mission of Austrian Province and has 5 sisters. The sisters are living in 2 communities in Budapest and Szeged. Some individual sisters are living in other places in Hungary. The sisters are ministering in pastoral work in the parish and with youth.



Salvatorian Sisters have been living in Italy since the Congregation was born in Tivoli in 1888. The Italian Province was created in 1947 as the Italian-Swiss Province. In 1964 this province was divided in two provinces: the Tyrol-Swiss Province with its centre in Meran and the Italian Province in South Italy with its centre in Porrino-Frosinone. Presently, the Italian Province has 18 sisters and one novice. They have three communities in Italy and two in Albania. The communities in Italy are in Porrino, S. Francesca Veroli and Torri in Sabina and the communities in Albania are in Sheldi and Rragam. The community in Torri in Sabina was founded by Blessed Mary of the Apostles, the co-Foundress of our Congregation. The sisters are involved in apostolates in the kindergarten, with the elderly people in a nursing home, of visiting families, of prayer ministry and pastoral ministries in the parishes. In 1994 the Italian Province founded a mission Albania. Now, part of the Italian province is in Italy but the other half is in Albania. S. Terezina Jaku is the Provincial Superior.


The Salvatorian sisters began their mission in Poland in 1929. At present there are 61 sisters in the Polish Province. There are 13 communities located in the following cities: Goczalkowice Zdrój, Oborniki Âlaskie-Bagno, Gaszowice, Kraków, Olsztyn, Zielona Góra, Międzywodzie, Zawoja, Żywiec, Częstochowa, Lódz, Katowice. Among other things the sisters are in service for children in kindergartens and schools, as well as teaching in the university. They are also engaged in pastoral work with youth, in art, in health care and in social work with drug addicted persons. S. Noemi Raczkowska is the Provincial Superior.



The Rome Region was founded in 1993 and has 29 sisters living in 4 communities. It includes small communities of sisters who are living in the motherhouse that was founded in 1922, and in Barcellona, Sicily mission. The sisters are engaged in healthcare in Salvator Mundi International Hospital in Rome, in providing hospitality for pilgrims and guests in Villa Maria Guest House, and in pastoral work in hospitals, in parishes, with migrants and elderly people. Regional Superior is S. Barbara Bartkowski.


South Tyrol

Since 1912 there are sisters working in South Tyrol. Presently 21 sisters are belonging to the South Tyrolean Province and they are living in one community. The sisters are engaged in education and counseling of children and youth as well as pastoral work; care for elderly people; social work regarding AIDS; retreat and spiritual direction for youth and adults. The Province Superior is S. Edyta Grzesiuk.