International Salvatorian Service
 of Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation 

After the General Chapters of the Salvatorian Sisters and of the Fathers and Brothers, and after the International Assembly of the Lay Salvatorians in 2006, the General Leadership teams began to plan and organize their mission for the next six years. In our planning, we took into consideration the Promulgations and Recommendations of our General Chapters, in order to implement and integrate them in our lives. One of the issues that our Chapters and the International Assembly discussed, and for which they gave recommendations, was that related to our commitment to Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation, with a preferential option for the Poor, Human Rights and the Defense of Life.

This issue is a deep concern for us as Salvatorians, whose mission is to proclaim Jesus, the Savior.  One of the roots and sources of continual nourishment for our Charism is the passage from John 17: 3   “This is Eternal Life, to know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent”. The knowledge of Jesus Christ implies knowing men and women of all times and places, who are struggling for their rights, their lives, and their dignity as sons and daughters of God. This is eternal life, and thus a commitment of all Salvatorians – men and women – who are searching for appropriate responses to the many continuous challenges of our time. Therefore, we commit ourselves to create bonds of solidarity with others, bringing the spirit of Francis Jordan and Blessed Mary of the Apostles everywhere.

Based on our Charism to protect and defend Life, as well as on the decisions and recommendations of our Chapter/International Assembly, we initiated, or are continuing to implement, our commitment to Justice, Peace, and the Defense of Life and Human Rights in the midst of the poorest people. To further this, we established a small Commission in order to gather information and begin planning a Salvatorian Service for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation. We already received information about JPIC activities in the Units, where the sisters are either acting alone and or as the Salvatorian Family. Now we have a proposal that was discussed during the Joint International Leadership Meeting in October 2009. In this meeting we decided about the forms and concrete ways of our collaboration and animation of the International Salvatorian JPIC.

For your knowledge and contact: Below are the addresses of members of each Unit who have
been designated as the contact for JPIC information and projects.

Generalate – Sisters                    S. Maria Yaneth Moreno R.       [email protected]

Generalate – Fathers                   F. Augustin Van Baelen        [email protected]

Austria/Hungary (Cong) S. Partricia Erber [email protected]
Belgium   (lay) Ghislaine Vrancken [email protected]
Brazil-SC/Mozambique (Cong) S. Nohemi Berlanda
S. Leonila Gubert
[email protected]
Brazil-SP  (Cong)Brazil-SP  (Soc)

Brazil       (Lay)

S. Filomena TomiagaF. Selvino Baldissera

Camino & Alice Spinelli

[email protected] [email protected]

[email protected]

Congo     (Cong) S. Thérése Nyemba Biachini
Comoros  (Soc) F. Jan Geerits [email protected]
Colombia (Cong) S. Elsa Maria Rueda Jaimes [email protected]
England   (Soc) F. Peter Preston [email protected]
Germany (Cong) S. Angela Cöppicus [email protected]
Holy Land(Cong) S. Devanira García [email protected]
India       (Cong)Italy South  (cong) S. Asha K.VS. Maria Goretti Serapiglia [email protected] [email protected]
Malaysia (Cong)Philippines(Cong) S. Doreen Tandau
S. Theresa NgS. Mary Adeline Abamo
[email protected]
[email protected] [email protected]
South Tyrol   (Cong) S. Imelda Augscheller [email protected]
Sri Lanka (Cong) S. Shiroma Kurumbalapitiya [email protected]
USA        (Cong) S. Ellen Sinclair [email protected]
USA        (Soc/Lay) John Dimmock &
Linda Dimmock
[email protected]
[email protected]
Tanzania  (Cong) S. Matilda D. Sita [email protected]
Tanzania  (Soc) F. Justine Cantwell
Poland     (Soc) F. Piotr Ślęczka [email protected]