As Sisters of the Divine Savior, the Father calls us to prolong in history the particular gift of our founders. This call requires that, in a radical way, we follow Jesus who was chaste and poor and who saved the world by his obedience. His Holy Spirit unites us in community and sends us to fulfill our apostolic purpose as a mission in the Church.

Jesus, as Savior of the world, is the focus and source of our life. From him we learn to thirst for the Father’s glory, as our founders did. Our desire to be totally his and to cooperate in his work of salvation draws us to know him intimately and to love and serve him unreservedly.

Because our Lord and Savior died for all, our apostolic charity extends to everyone without distinction. Our founder left us a heritage which binds our Congregation to universality in its mission, apostolic means, members and place of activity. In this tradition, we are ready, for the glory of God, to serve anywhere in the world.

( Rule of Life, Chapter 1:3-5)