Priorities of the 20th General Chapter

We Salvatorian Sisters of the 20th General Chapter, inspired by our theme Salvatorian Women – Mystical and Prophetic – in our Suffering World, declare that we are gifted with the charism of our founder, Father Francis Jordan and moved by the apostolic spirit of Blessed Mary of the Apostles. We experience the urgency of following Jesus our Savior in his mission among the people. We come to know Jesus deeply through prayer and in apostolic service in a world where ever God is sending us today. Therefore:

“We Salvatorian Women strive to be in solidarity with the suffering world so that all may experience the fullness of life”

The future of our Charism, and our capacity to be in solidarity with our suffering world so that all may experience fullness of life, depends on our ability to draw on our courage and capacities to be a prophetic life form as Jesus, our Savior, teaches us in the Gospel. In this XX General Chapter, we realized that in order to truly live this commitment in our daily life, and to assure the significance of our Salvatorian Mission for the future, it is urgent that, for the next six years, we give priority to the following five elements of our life:

• Deepening and Reclaiming our Salvatorian Apostolic identity

• Providing wholistic contextualized formation, in all stages of Life

• Collaborating with others in a Culture of Solidarity

• Creating meaningful Congregational structures for Mission

• Continuing our Financial and Self-sustainability Plan within a Culture of Solidarity

May prayer, meaningful community discussion and action at all levels about these priorities take us to personal and congregational transformation so that we continue to realize the founding vision of Father Francis Jordan.