Generalate Report

Sisters Therezinha Joana Rasera, Edith Bamberger, Dulcelene de Fatima Ceccato, Rani Fernando, Martha Gloria Mesa Garcés and Grace Mary Croft, members of the Generalate, presented a creative report to the delegates today. Their presentation focused on three priorities identified at the last General Chapter, which became a major focus of the Generalate’s work these past six years.

These priorities and experiences included the following: How the sisters around the global Congregation deepened their dedication, openness and passion for the Salvatorian mission, which included entering into the process of evaluation of our life and mission, how the sisters lived out a culture of solidarity within a process of personal conversion and how each Unit attempted to implement holistic and inculturated formation in all phases of life, in order to respond to the signs of the times.

Each table of delegates was invited to respond to the Generalate’s report by deciding and agreeing on two challenges which they believe are the most urgent for the Congregation to address, because of the impact on the life and mission of the whole Congregation.   Each table also identified their most urgent questions, which they wanted the Generalate to respond to during the afternoon session.