Dem. Republic of Congo

Missionary sisters from Belgium. founded the Salvatorian Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1958. The Region has 13 communities, 70 sisters, 10 Novices, and 3 Postulants. The communities are located in the following towns: Kolwezi, Kalamba, Goma, Lubumbashi, Ntita, Kambamb and Kasumbalesa where the sisters are engaged in education, in health care in dispensaries, maternity hospitals, and nutrition centres, as well as in pastoral ministries in parishes with youth and women, in choirs and liturgical services and especially with the Base Christian Communities. Sisters are also studying in two different Universities. They are doing vocation promotion in areas and are very much engaged in promoting peace and justice in their country. The Regional Coordinator is S. Marie Françoise Kayakez Nasol.


In 2007, the sisters of the Tanzanian Region began the mission in Lubao, the diocese of Kakamega, South Kenya. The 6 sisters are ministering in the pastoral activities with parish and women’s groups. They are under the coordination of Tanzanian Region.


The sisters from Brazil-SC Province founded the Mission in Mozambique in 1992. The mission has 5 communities, located in Chimoio and Maputo. There are 12 sisters in the mission. The sisters are ministering in education and pastoral formation for youth and Christian leadership. They also educate for health care in a Health Care Centre as well as in NGOs for the development of poor farmers and women. The Brazil-SC Province continues to coordinate this mission.  


Salvatorian Sisters serve in the southern part of Tanzania since 1957. The first Salvatorian sisters in Tanzania were Irish and Austrian. The Region has 10 communities, 63 sisters, 6 novices and 3 postulants. The sisters operate dispensaries, domestic schools, Montessori kindergartens and do pastoral work for the Diocese of Tunduru-Masasi. Some of the Sisters are trained as rural medical assistants and are able to diagnose and treat common diseases. One Sister is trained as an architect. Many young Sisters are studying to prepare for a variety of services. The Regional Coordinator is S. Yasinta Godfrey Kalla.


In 2011, the sisters of the Congo Region joined the missionary service of the Society of the Divine Savior in Moroni, one of the Comoros islands. Three sisters are ministering as nurses in the dispensary.  They are under the coordination of the Congo Region. 


In 2013, the sisters of the Congo Region began the mission in Kabwe City, a newly-erected diocese in the northern Zambia. Two sisters are serving in the pastoral activities of the diocese.  They are under the coordination of the Congo Region.