India was the Congregation’s first foreign mission. The first sisters were sent to Shillong India in 1890. In 1915 the sisters had to leave due to World War I. In 1984, the Congregation re-established this mission with the efforts of Austrian Missionary sisters with the help of several other sisters from various units of the Congregation. At present there are 12 communities located in the states of Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Punjab, and Meghalaya. There are 58 sisters and 5 postulants. The India Region operates a school for the mentally challenged and two other schools, a hostel for girls, and a sewing center for women. In addition the Sisters are engaged in apostolic activities of education in schools, in catechetical and pastoral service, nursing, social service, working with the aids patients. The coordinator of the Region is S. Anthonila Kanaparthi.



The Malaysia Mission was founded for the first time in East Malaysia in 1975 by some of the sisters who were members of the Taiwan Mission. This mission was closed in 1981. The sisters returned to West Malaysia in 1995. There are 5 sisters living in one community: Melaka. The sisters are involved in pastoral services in two parishes, in vocation promotion and in Melaka they maintain a home for poor children of the area. They are also engaged in the programs of the diocese and in assisting the catholic population of the area in their spiritual needs. The coordinator of the mission is S. Mary Soon.


Three Sri Lankan Sisters established a Salvatorian presence in Pakistan in 1997. Presently four Salvatorians serve in Lahore Diocese, primarily in formal and informal education of women and children. Their goal is to support the Pakistani Catholics as creatively as possible.  


The Philippine Region was founded for the first time in 1966; however, the sisters left one year later. The sisters returned in 1973 and now the Region has 26 sisters, 2 novices and 3 postulants. The Region has 6 communities located in New Manila, Metro Manila, Silang Cavite, Cebu City and Pangasinan. The sisters minister in the public hospitals, in social work to promote life, and in kindergarten education. The Sisters of the Philippine Region also have a special ministry, Salvatorian Pastoral Care for Children to work in the parish and diocese, to work with both children and adults to educate them for the protection of the children. The coordinator of the Unit is S. Mary Adeline C. Abamo. Website:

Sri Lanka

Missionary sisters from Germany and Austria founded the mission in Sri Lanka in 1954. The Province has 15 communities, 66 sisters, 4 novices and 5 postulants. The sisters’ apostolates include health care, education, vocation promotion, pastoral ministries in the parishes with youth and women, working in an inter-religious elderly home. And they recently began a home-style orphanage for twenty young girls. The sisters are involved in many popular and social movements that struggle for life, justice and peace in the country. They are contributing as missionaries to the development of the Salvatorian missions in Pakistan, Jordan and Malaysia. The Province’s 15 communities are located in Kurunegala, Ambanpola, Kandy, Colombo, Kandana, Katugastota, Kurana, Mabole, Hela Halpe, Wijeyakatupotha, Neriyakulam, Mandativu, Egodawella and Gonawila. The present provincial coordinator is S. Shiroma Kurumbalapitiya.