United States of America

The USA province began in 1895 when Our Co-Foundress, Blessed Mary of the Apostles, sent 3 German sisters who were living in the Mother House in Rome to the USA. The province has 54 sisters. The province’s 18 communities are located in cities in the following states: Alabama, Arizona, California, and Wisconsin. The sisters are engaged in education in schools and Universities; in health care in hospitals and nursing homes; in formation for Christian leadership in the parishes and dioceses, in general pastoral ministry, pastoral and spiritual counselling. They are collaborating with NGOs for life and justice, in vocation promotion, as well as in sponsorship for social development of the poor and in projects against human traffic. The coordinator of the Province is S. Beverly Heitke.
Wepages: http://www.sistersofthedivinesavior.org

Divine Savior Healthcare, USA

DSHA High School, USA

St. Anne’s Salvatorian Campus, USA

Hadley Terrace, USA


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