São Paulo

In 1936 German Salvatorian missionary sisters were sent to the South of Brazil to start the Salvatorian mission in the state of Santa Catarina. By 1951, the number of sisters was large, so they were separated into two provinces: Santa Catarina in the South, and the Province of São Paulo in the North. Today, the São Paulo province has 9 communities located in the cities of S. Bárbara d’Oeste, Campinas, Piracicaba, Jaguariúna, S. Joaquim da Barra, São Paulo, Paraíso, Guariba-Colniza and Fortaleza. The Province has 47 sisters. They are engaged in parish pastoral, working with NGO’S ad Social institutions; in helping people develop their consciousness through involvement in popular social movements in the struggle for life and justice; in the education of women, vocation promotion, and Christian formation for leadership in the Centre as well as in the North and Northeast missionary areas of Brazil; in health care education and general education in Education Centers and nursing in elderly homes. S. Eny Xavier is the coordinator of the São Paulo Province.

Santa Catarina

German missionary sisters who went to the South of Brazil in 1936 to start the Salvatorian mission there were the founders of the Brazil-Santa Catarina Province. By the year 1951, the number of sisters had increased so much that the province was separated into two, the Santa Catarina Province and the São Paulo Province. The Santa Catarina province has 148 sisters, 3 novices and 4 Postulants. The sisters are involved in the apostolates of health care, education, vocation promotion, formation for Christian leadership in the parishes, association with NGOs in the South and in the North East of Brazil, elderly homes and retreat house. They are also engaged in many popular and social movements that are engaged in the struggle for life and justice in the country. The 27 communities of the province are located in: Lages, Baixa Grande, Blumenau, Campo Alegre, Caibi, Ciríaco, Clevelândia, David Canabarro, Duque Bacelar, Florianópolis, Feira de Santana, Joinville, Morpará, Passo Fundo, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, S. José dos Pinhais, S. Loureço d’Oeste, Varzea do Poço, S. Miguel d’Oeste, Videira, Xique-Xique. The Santa Catarina Provincial Coordinator is S. Sandra Regina Alves.



The sisters of the USA Province founded the Colombian Province in 1950. The Province has 10 communities in the following cities: Bogotá, Chia, Medellin, Cali, Bucaramanga, Piedecuesta, Quibdo. There are 54 sisters in the Colombian Province. The sisters’ apostolates include education, Christian leadership formation, general education for women and youth in the parishes, collaborating with associations and NGOs, health care education, engagement in justice and peace network, working among indigenous and native farmers in conflictive areas of the country, conducting a retreat house, vocation promotion and maintaining an elderly home. The Unit Coordinator is S. Luz Marina Prada.


The sisters from Colombia started the Uruguay Mission in 2008. There are 3 sisters living in Mercedes, South Uruguay. Their main apostolate is the administration of a parish. For the moment, they are administering in all pastoral services as well as adjusting themselves in the cultures of the people. The Colombian province is responsible for this mission.  

South America