Maria Theresia von Wüllenweber was born on February 19, 1833, at the Castle Myllendonk near Monchengladbach; Rhineland. She was educated in a god-fearing manner by, her parents, Joseph Theodore and his wife Elisabeth Le Fort. From them she was imbued with love for her neighbor and for the poor. Her pious life enabled her to recognize that God was calling her to religious life and especially to a missionary vocation. She tried unsuccessfully to realize this calling in several religious communities. In the year 1882 she met Father Francis Jordan, the Founder of the Society of the Divine Savior in Rome. She followed his direction and later donated her possessions in Neuwerk for the missions. In 1888 under the guidance of Father Jordan she opened the first establishment of the Sisters of the Divine Savior in Tivoli. She wanted to love God in the highest degree and to ornament her heart with piety, sanctity and faith. The life of the rapidly growing community was one of great poverty. Rich in virtue, she died in Rome on Christmas night, 1907. Among her Sisters she was esteemed for the holiness of her life.

Beatification of Mother Mary

On January 16, 1959, the Decree on the legality of the Diocesan Processes  was signed. The most important result of the Apostolic Process was the Decree of His Holiness, Pope Paul VI on July 15, 1965, which declared that the Servant of God had practiced virtue in an heroic degree. The beatification took place at St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome on 13th October 1968. The relics of the Blessed Mary of the Apostles are enshrined in the Motherhouse of the Salvatorian Sisters, Rome.



Castle Myllendonk,German birthplace
of Therese von Wüllenweber

Occasion of the beatification (Oct.13,1968)
of Blessed Mary of the Apostles, Co-Foundress
and First Superior General of the Congregation
of the Sisters of the Divine Savior.

Chapel and tomb of Blessed Mary
of the Apostles in the Mother House,

Chapel of Barbarastift, site where Therese
worked until Fr. Jordan called her to Rome
for the foundation of the Sisters’ Branch.